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Should I Choose DWS or RDS on Public Cloud?

Both DWS and RDS on the public cloud allow you to run conventional relational databases on the cloud and transfer database management loads. You can use RDS databases for OLTP, reporting, and analysis. However, RDS provides insufficient support for read operations of a large amount of data (complex read-only queries). With multi-node scale and resources and various optimized algorithms (column-based storage, vectorized executors, and distributed frameworks), DWS focuses on OLAP, reducing analysis and report workloads of large data sets by an order of magnitude.

DWS delivers scale-out capabilities when the data and query complexity increases or when you want to prevent report and analysis from increasing OLTP workloads.

You can determine the scenario where DWS or RDS is more suitable according to the following table.

Table 1 Feature comparison between OLTP and OLAP





Operation personnel and low-level management personnel

Decision-making personnel and senior management personnel


Daily operation processing

Analysis and decision-making





Latest, detailed, two-dimensional, and discrete

Historical, integrated, multidimensional, and unified


Dozens of read and write records

Millions of read records

Work scope

Simple read and write operations

Complex query

Database size

Hundreds of GB

TB or PB