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Why Should I Use Public Cloud DWS?

Conventional data warehouses are not practical for small and medium-sized enterprises because the high costs, long device and system selection and procurement duration, and complex scale-out.

Compared with conventional data warehouses, DWS on the public cloud has the following highlights:

  • DWS is a MPP-based distributed data warehousing cloud service, which features higher levels of openness, efficiency, high compatibility and scalability, as well as easier O&M.
  • DWS is developed based on the kernel of the FusionInsight LibrA data warehousing products. It delivers the FusionInsight LibrA capabilities to public cloud enterprise users and provides improved and consistent user experience on and off the cloud.

    FusionInsight LibrA is a new-generation distributed data warehousing system with independent intellectual property rights. Currently, it has been widely used in industries such as government, finance, carriers, and Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide. FusionInsight LibrA is compatible with mainstream open source Postgres databases, and is enhanced for compatibility, especially the enhancement of Oracle and Teradata SQL statements. It may replace and exceed its peer products in many scenarios. Our data warehouse engineers design hybrid row-column data warehouse kernels, which allow you to rapidly analyze massive volumes of data and meet the addition, deletion, and modification requirements of the business operating system. FusionInsight LibrA introduces self-developed cost-based optimizer and popular data warehouse technologies, including machine code-level vector calculation, parallelism between and within operators, parallelism between and within nodes, and using LLVM to optimize the local code in the compilation query plan. These technologies greatly improve the data query and analysis performance, improve user experience, and address the service pain points in specific scenarios.

  • DWS provides the out-of-the-box feature.

    Applying for DWS on the public cloud takes only a few, freeing you from the time consuming process of searching for and purchasing data warehouses. This not only simplifies the procurement, but also lowers the cost and requirements for using data warehouses. Small and medium-sized enterprises with access to DWS can seamlessly mine data values for their development and to form actionable insights.