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Viewing Snapshot Information

This section describes how to view snapshot information on the Snapshot Management page.

Viewing Snapshot Information

  1. Log in to the DWS management console.
  2. In the navigation tree on the left, click Snapshot Management.

    All snapshots are displayed by default.

  3. You can view Snapshot Name, Snapshot Status, Cluster Name, Snapshot Type, and Snapshot Created of snapshots.

    You can also enter a snapshot name or cluster name in the upper right corner of the snapshot list and click to search for the specified snapshot. DWS supports fuzzy search.

    Table 1 describes snapshot status.

    Table 1 Snapshot status




    Indicates that the existing snapshot works properly.


    Indicates that a snapshot is being created.


    Indicates that the existing snapshot cannot provide services.

    Table 2 describes the snapshot types.

    Table 2 Snapshot types




    Indicates the snapshot that you manually create through the DWS management console or using APIs. You can delete the snapshots that are manually created.


    Indicates the snapshot that is automatically created after the automatic snapshot backup policy is enabled. You cannot delete the snapshots that are automatically created. The system automatically deletes the snapshots whose retention duration expires.


    Click to view other information about the snapshot.