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DWS Management Concepts


A cluster is a server group that consists of multiple nodes. DWS is organized using clusters. A data warehouse cluster contains nodes with the same flavors in the same subnet. Those nodes jointly provide services.


Each data warehouse cluster contains at least three nodes, all of which support data storage and analysis.


You need to specify the node flavors when you create a data warehouse cluster. CPU, memory, and storage resources vary depending on node flavors.


You can create a snapshot to back up data warehouse cluster data so as to restore the cluster data from the snapshot. A snapshot is retained until you delete it on the management console. Automatic snapshots cannot be manually deleted. Snapshots will occupy your OBS quotas.


Projects are used to group and isolate OpenStack resources (computing resources, storage resources, and network resources). A project can be a department or a project team. Multiple projects can be created for one account.