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Record Set

A record set is a collection of resource records of the same type in the same DNS zone.

After you create a zone, you can expand the domain name or record its information by creating record sets, for example, of the A or CNAME type.

The DNS service supports record sets of the following types: A, CNAME, MX, AAAA, TXT, SRV, NS, SOA, CAA (only in public zones), and PTR (only in private zones). Table 1 describes the application scenarios for each type of record sets.

Table 1 Application scenarios for different types of record sets

Record Set Type

Application Scenario


Maps domain names to IPv4 addresses.


Creates domain name aliases. You can map multiple aliases to one domain name and thereby map them to the same host.


Maps domain names to email servers.


Maps domain names to IPv6 addresses.


Provides text information based on service requirements. A TXT record set is usually used to prevent junk mails in the SPF mechanism.


Records services provided by servers.


Specifies authoritative DNS servers of domain names.


Specifies the master authoritative DNS servers for a domain name. You cannot create an SOA record set. It is generated by default.


Specifies certification authorities (CAs) that issue HTTPS certificates for domain names to prevent the wrong certificate issuing.


Maps IP addresses to domain names.