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Creating a Consumer Group


A consumer group must be created in order to retrieve messages. A maximum of three consumer groups can be created in each queue.

Messages in a queue are retrievable to all consumer groups created in that queue.


A queue has been created.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click  in the upper left corner of the management console and select a region and a project.
  3. Click Service List, and choose Application > Distributed Message Service to launch the DMS console.
  4. In the navigation pane, choose Queue Manager.
  5. Open the Create Consumer Group dialog box using either of the methods:

    • Method 1

      In the queue list, choose More Create Consumer Group in the same row as the queue for which you want to create a consumer group.

    • Method 2
      1. Click the name of a queue for which you want to create a consumer group.

        Details of the chosen queue are displayed.

      2. Click Create Consumer Group.

  6. Specify Consumer Group Name.

    A default consumer group name is generated, which you can change if required.

    A consumer group name is 1 to 32 characters long. Only letters, digits, underscores (_), and hyphens (-) are allowed. Consumer group names must be unique within their queue.

  7. Click OK.