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Creating an IAM Agency


If you choose to dump data from DIS to OBS, create an IAM agency that grants DIS permissions to access OBS.

Creating an IAM Agency

  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click Service List. Under Management & Deployment, select Identify and Access Management.
  3. Select Agencies in the navigation tree pane, and click Create Agency.

    Figure 1 Creating an IAM agency

  4. Configure agency parameters and click OK.

    Figure 2 Configuring agency parameters
    Table 1 Agency parameter description



    Agency Name

    Name of the agency to be created. The value of this parameter is 1 to 64 characters long and cannot be left unspecified.

    Agency Type

    Type of the agency to be created. This parameter must be set to Cloud service.

    Cloud Service

    Click Select next to Cloud Service. In the Select Cloud Service dialog box, select DIS and click OK.

    Validity Period

    Select Permanent.


    Currently, this parameter must be set to Permanent. Using another value may result in authorization failures.


    Agency description. The entered description cannot exceed 255 characters.


    If Dump Destination is OBS, policy settings are as follows: Region: Global service Project: OBS Policy: Tenant Administrator

    To modify agency policies, click Modify in the Operation column. In the Available Policies area, select your required policy and click OK.


    After an agency is created, its policies cannot be modified.