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Uploading Files

Configuring a Stream for Uploading Real-Time Files

You must use the stream enabled to transmit real-time files. Here, fileUploadStream is used as an example.

The value of streamName must be the same as that of Stream Name configured in Step 1: Creating a DIS Stream.

//Configure the stream name.
String streamName = "fileUploadStream";

Specifying the Path of the Real-Time File to Be Uploaded

Enter the absolute path of the file to be uploaded.

//Specify the path of the file to be uploaded.

Specifying the Name of the File for Storing the Uploaded Real-Time Data

Set the file name to be uploaded. If the file name contains the backslash (\), use the escape character to escape the backslash.

//Specify the file name for storing the uploaded file.

Running the Program

Right-click the program and choose Run As > 1 Java Application from the shortcut menu. If the program is run successfully, you can view the information similar to the following on the console:

17:47:09.103 [main] INFO  com.bigdata.dis.sdk.DISConfig - get from classLoader
17:47:10.275 [pool-2-thread-1] INFO  com.bigdata.dis.sdk.util.config.ConfigurationUtils - get from classLoader
17:47:10.291 [pool-2-thread-1] INFO  com.bigdata.dis.sdk.util.config.ConfigurationUtils - propertyMapFromFile size : 2
17:47:20.012 [pool-2-thread-1] INFO  com.bigdata.dis.sdk.demo.FileProducerAsyncDemo - Upload file to DIS successful!