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Initializing a DIS Client

You can use either of the following methods to initialize a DIS SDK client instance: For details about endpoint, ak, sk, region, and projectId, see Obtaining Authentication Information.

  • Use the code to initialize the DIS SDK client instance. For details about the code example, see the ProducerDemo.java file.
    //Create a DIS client instance.
                DIS dic = DISClientBuilder.standard()
  • Use the configuration file to initialize a DIS SDK client instance.

    Add the following configuration items to the dis.propertites file in the dis-sdk-demo\resources directory:

    • ak/sk: AK/SK created on the IAM
    • region: region of the stream
    • endpoint: access address of the DIS
    • projectId: project ID of the stream
    //Create a DIS client instance.
                DIS dic = DISClientBuilder.standard().build();