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Read the following precautions before using DIS:
  • Recommended browser to access the DIS console
    • Google Chrome: 48.0 or later
    • Mozilla FireFox: 43.0 or later
    • Internet Explorer: 9.0 or later

      If you cannot log in to the DIS console using Internet Explorer 9.0, run the browser as the Administrator user or re-install the browser as the Administrator user (by default, the Administrator user is disabled in certain Windows systems, such as Windows 7 Ultimate. That is, users other than the Administrator user are selected by default to install Internet Explorer.) Reinstall Internet Explorer 9.0 or later (recommended) or run Internet Explorer 9.0 as user Administrator.

  • Sensitive data must be encrypted using DIS SDK or another encryption tools before being put into DIS streams.
  • When a user uploads data using a DIS stream, the total size of records in a single request cannot exceed 5 MB.