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What Is DDS?

Document Database Service (DDS) is compatible with MongoDB and is secure, highly available, reliable, scalable, and easy to use. It provides DB instance creation, scaling, redundancy, backup, restoration, monitoring, and alarm reporting functions with just a few clicks on the DDS console.

DDS has the following characteristics:

  • Automatically sets up three-node replica set architecture. DDS supports fast deployment, high availability (HA) data storage, data redundancy, and failover support.
  • Provides sharded cluster instances consisting of shard, mongos, and config, enabling you to easily enhance read and write performance and build a distributed DDS database system.
  • Provides database backup and restoration functions on the DDS console.
  • Provides performance metrics and sets alarms on any of the metrics to send you notification. You can quickly monitor instance status and identify issues at a glance.

For details about the supported DB engines and versions, see Database Engine and Version.