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Editing a Parameter Group


This section guides you on how to edit parameters in the parameter groups that you have created to meet your service requirements and achieve optimal performance.


Default parameter groups are unchangeable. You can only view them by clicking their names. If inappropriate settings of user-created parameter groups lead to a database reboot failure, you can refer to the settings of the default parameter groups to reset them.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select a region and project.
  3. Click Service List. Under Database, click Document Database Service.
  4. On the Parameter Group Management page, locate a parameter group you created on the Clusters or Replica Sets tab and click its name.
  5. Modify the required parameters.

    Related parameters are described as follows:

    • For details on parameter descriptions, visit MongoDB official website.
    • The default value of the net.maxIncomingConnections parameter varies according to DB instance specifications. Therefore, this parameter is set to default before being specified.

    Possible operations are as follows:

    • If you want to save the modifications, click Save.
    • If you want to cancel the modifications, click Cancel.
    • If you want to preview the modifications, click Preview.

    For details on the description of parameter group status, see section Database Status.

    After modifying a parameter, you need to view the associated instance status in the instance list. If Pending restart is displayed, you need to restart the instance for the modification to take effect.