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Database Status

DB Instance Status

Table 1 Status and description




A DB instance is running properly.


A DB instance is faulty.


A DB instance is being created.

Creation failed

A DB instance fails to be created.


A DB instance is being restarted because of a customer request or a modification that requires restarting it for the modification to take effect.

Adding node

shards or mongos are being added to a DDS cluster instance.

Deleting node

The node that failed to be added is being deleted.

Scaling up

The storage space of instance nodes is being expanded.

Backing up

A backup file is being created.

Checking restoration

The backup of the current DB instance is being restored to a new DB instance.

Switching SSL

The SSL channel is being enabled or disabled.

Changing port

The DB instance port is being changed.

Changing a security group

The security group is being changed.

Parameter Group Status

Table 2 Status and description




A database parameter has taken effect.

Pending restart

A database parameter is waiting for the DB instance to be restarted before its modification takes effect.