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What Should I Do If the ECS Cannot Connect to a DDS DB Instance?

Perform the following steps to identify the problem: The following uses the cluster instance as an example.

  1. Check whether the ECS and DDS DB instance are located in the same VPC.

    • If they are in the same VPC, go to 2.
    • If they are in different VPCs, create an ECS in the VPC where the DDS DB instance is located.

  2. Check whether a security group has been added to the ECS.

    • If yes, check whether its configuration rules are suitable. For details, see the security group description in section Setting a Security Group. Then, go to 3.
    • If no security group has been added, go to the VPC console from the ECS details page and click Security Groups to add a security group.

  3. On the ECS, check whether the DDS DB instance address port can be connected.

    telnet <DB instance address> {8635}
    • If the port can be connected, the network is normal. Check the database account and password. For details, see section Connecting to a DB Instance Through a Client.
    • If the port cannot be connected, contact post-sales technical support for troubleshooting.