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To improve the stability and security of DB instances, there are some restrictions on the use of DDS. For details, see Table 1.

Table 1 Function restrictions



Access to DDS

  • By default, DDS cannot be accessed through an ECS in a different security group. You need to add an inbound rule to the DDS security group.
  • The default DDS port number is 8635. You can change it if you want to access DDS through another port.


ECSs in which DB instances are deployed are not visible to you. Your applications can access the database only through an IP address and port.

Obtaining permissions of user rwuser

Only the rwuser user permissions are provided on the instance creation page.

Setting database parameters

Most database parameters in the parameter groups you created can be modified. For details, see section Editing a Parameter Group.

Migrating data

You can use the mongoexport or mongoimport command line tools to migrate data. For details, see section Migrating Data.

Storage engine

The WiredTiger storage engine is supported.

Restarting a DB instance or a node

The DDS DB instance must be restarted on the DDS console.

Viewing backup files

You can download and view the backup files on the DDS console. For details, see section Downloading Backup Files.