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Typical Application Scenarios

  • Mobile Apps and Maps

    DDS supports two-dimensional space indexes for mobile applications (Apps) and maps that have location query requests. In addition, the dynamic storage mode of DDS is suitable for storing heterogeneous data of multiple systems, meeting the requirements of this scenario.

  • IoT

    Internet of Things (IoT) applications generate terabytes of data and have high requirements on data write performance and low requirements on data read performance. DDS provides high write performance and shard-based DB instances to meet IoT requirements.

  • CMS

    Content management system (CMS) has a large amount of data and queries and the data is non-structured and diverse. DDS provides high performance Schema-free, GridFS, and shards to support CMS applications.

  • Game Industry

    DDS provides schema-free to meet ever-changing requirements in the gaming industry, shortening R&D periods and reducing R&D costs.