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DDS cluster instances consist of mongos, config, and shard nodes. The following diagram shows the node relationships.

Figure 1 Diagram of node relationships


A mongos is a router for reading and writing data, providing a unified interface for accessing DB instances.

  • Each DB instance has 2 to 12 mongos. You can specify the quantity.
  • A mongos reads configuration settings from configs and allocates read and write requests to shards. You can connect to a mongos directly.


A config stores configuration settings for DB instances and consists of one replica set.

  • The availability of a config is the prerequisite to deploying a DB instance or modifying the instance information.
  • You cannot connect to a config directly.


In the cluster instance, shards are used to store user data.

  • Each DB instance has 2 to 12 shards. You can specify the quantity.
  • Each shard is deployed as a replica set to ensure data redundancy and high reliability.
  • You cannot connect to a shard directly.