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Application Scenarios

CTS is mainly used in the following scenarios:

  • Compliance audit

    CTS allows you to query all operation records of security control. This is essential for enterprises and organizations, especially financial and payment enterprises, to obtain the certification, such as PCI DSS, GB/T 24589.1, and COSO.

  • Resource tracking

    With CTS, you can search for traces by resource and track operations and changes of any cloud resource throughout its lifecycle, as well as the source and result of each operation or change, to better use resources.

  • Fault locating

    When a cloud resource becomes faulty, you can use traces generated by CTS to quickly find out the suspicious operation causing the fault and its result, greatly reducing the time and labor costs on fault locating and rectifying.

  • Security analysis

    Enterprises and public institutions can specify the scope of risky operations or key operations based on their requirements, and periodically view the operator, time and IP address of each operation request to which attention must be paid for security analysis.