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Enabling CTS


You need to enable CTS before using it. A tracker will be automatically created after CTS is enabled. All traces recorded by CTS are associated with the tracker. Currently, only one tracker can be created for each cloud account.

Trace files need to be stored in OBS buckets. Therefore, before enabling CTS, you need to enable OBS and have full permissions on the OBS bucket to be used. By default, only the service owner who has enabled OBS can access OBS buckets and all objects contained, and the owner can grant permissions to other services and users by configuring an access policy.

The tracker created in a multi-project scenario can only track resources under the current project. If tracking cloud resources under another project is required, you need to create a tracker under the project.

This section describes how to enable CTS.


You have enabled OBS.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select a region and project.
  3. Click Service List and choose Management & Deployment > Cloud Trace Service.
  4. Click Tracker in the left pane.
  5. Click Enable CTS.
  6. Click Configure in the Operation column to set OBS Bucket and File Prefix. Table 1 lists the parameters to be specified.
    Table 1 Parameter description



    Example Value

    OBS Bucket

    Name of the OBS bucket in which trace files are to be stored


    Each OBS bucket name must be globally unique. When a bucket is being created, the system checks in the central region whether the same name exists. Therefore, the bucket creation log is recorded in the central region. After a bucket is created, operation logs associated with the bucket are recorded in the region where the bucket resides.


    File Prefix

    Used for identifying the logs stored in the OBS bucket. This parameter is optional. The value is a string of 0 to 64 characters, and can contain uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and dots (.). If a tracker is created, a value will be generated automatically in the same way as you specify the value manually.


  7. Click OK.

After CTS is enabled, you can view details of the created tracker on the Tracker page.