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Application Scenarios

CSS applies to diversified scenarios, such as log analysis and site search.

Log Analysis

In this scenario, you can perform O&M analysis and fault location for IT devices as well as operation analytics based on service metrics.

  • Statistical analysis: Over 20 statistical analysis methods and nearly ten analytical dimensions are available.
  • Real-time and efficient: You can get insights within seconds once new data is stored in indices.
  • Visualized data: CSS provides multiple report display modes, such as table, line chart, heat map, and cloud map.

Site Search

In this scenario, you can search website content by keyword as well as search for commodities on e-commerce sites with recommendations obtained.

  • Real-time search: You can get the content or commodities you want within seconds or minutes.
  • Categorized statistics: You can get categorized statistics on the searched commodities that meet conditions.
  • Custom highlight style: You can customize the highlight style as you like.