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Expanding Cluster Capacity

If nodes do not meet service requirements, add new nodes to improve storage and usage efficiency.


  1. Log in to the CSS management console.
  2. Click Cluster Management. Locate the row where the target cluster resides and click More > Modify in the Operation column.
  3. On the displayed Modify Cluster page, set New Node Quantity as required. You must add at least one node and can add a maximum of 32 nodes. The Node Specifications and Node Storage settings of newly added nodes are the same as those specified during cluster creation. If Disk Encryption is selected during cluster creation, then the same Disk Encryption setting applies to newly added nodes and the key adopted during cluster creation applies.

    Figure 1 Changing specifications
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the displayed Details page, confirm the specifications and click Submit.
  6. Click Back to Cluster List to switch to the Cluster Management page. If Expanding is displayed in the Task Status column, new nodes are being added to the cluster.