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(Optional) Creating a Load Balancer

Applications hosted by CCE can work with load balancers to improve fault tolerance and service availability of applications.

Load balancers distribute traffic to various elastic cloud servers automatically. For details on how to create load balancers, choose Help Center > Elastic Load Balance > User Guide > Getting Started on the management console.

  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click Service List, and choose Network > Elastic Load Balance to launch the ELB console.
  3. On the ELB console, click Create Load Balancer. On the displayed page, specify ELB parameters to create a load balancer.

    The VPC where the load balancer resides must be the same as the VPC where the container cluster that will run the containerized application resides. If the VPCs are different, no load balancer is available for selection at application creation time.