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Creating a Key Pair

Create a key pair before you create a container cluster. Key pairs are used for identity authentication at the time of node login.

If you have already created a key pair, you will never need to create it again.


For more information about how to create a key pair, choose Help Center > Elastic Cloud Server > User Guide > Configurations > Creating a Key Pair on the management console.

  1. On the management console, click Service List, and choose Computing > Elastic Cloud Server to launch the ECS console.
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Key Pair.
  3. Click Create Key Pair.
  4. In the Create Key Pair dialog box, specify the key pair name. For example, KeyPair-cce.

    The key pair name must be 1 to 64 characters long. Only letters, digits, hyphens (-), and underscores (_) are allowed.

  5. In the Create Key Pair dialog box, click OK.
  6. In the Information dialog box, click OK.

    A key file in the .pem format is generated and saved to the default directory on your local computer.