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Deploying a Containerized Application

After you save a graphical application design as an application template, you can use the application template to deploy containerized applications.


  1. On the App Designer page, click Deploy in the same row as the application template you will deploy.
  2. On the application deployment page, configure parameters of the application template you will use.

    Figure 1 Specifying application template parameters

    The application template name is not configurable. Parameters which are configurable include:

    • Container Cluster
      Container cluster on which the application template will run.

      If a containerized application is created from an application template, the application must be deployed on a container cluster in which all nodes have a public IP address. Otherwise, the application will be inaccessible to users.

    • App Name

      Name of the containerized application you will create by using the application template.

      An application name must be globally unique. It must begin with a lowercase letter and but it must not end with a hyphen (-). Only lowercase letters, digits, and hyphens (-) are allowed.

    • Services

      Service parameters include Service NameNetwork ProtocolContainer Port, and Load Balancer.


      If you set the Load Balancer parameter of a port to true when creating a graphic application design, then you must select a load balancer when deploying the graphic application design, and the port in application template must be different from the ports used by all the listeners of the ELB instance, to avoid the application creation failure caused by port conflicts.

  3. Click OK.

    You are then redirected to the deployment history page. On that page, the status of the application template is Deploying.

    When the status of the application template is Deployed, the application template is successfully deployed.