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Creating a Graphical App Design

The App Designer is a graphic orchestration tool that allows you to drag-and-drop to design a complex containerized application and its topology. The graphical application design is saved as an application template. With the template, you can quickly create multi-container applications, making application deployment easier and more efficient.

The App Designer follow the Topology Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOCSA), which is a standard developed under OASIS foundation. It is aimed to cover definition of complex enterprise applications which might consist of different loosely coupled components. Components can be tied by using requirements and capabilities which are part of TOSCA standard.

Graphic App Design Area

The Graphic App Design area is divided into Design Element (left side) and the orchestration grid area (right side).

You can drag appcomponents, containers, volumes, and ports to the orchestration grid area and link them logically as a whole.

Figure 1 Graphic App Design

The name of any element in the graphic application design must be globally unique and 1 to 24 characters long. It must begin with a lowercase letter and contain only lowercase letters, digits, and hyphens (-).