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Uploading an AK/SK File

Before you create a container cluster on the CCE console, upload a valid Access Key ID/Secret Access Key (AK/SK) file. If no AK/SK file is uploaded, the container cluster cannot be authorized to use private container images and the ELB. To ensure account security and optimal user experience with CCE services, upload your AK/SK file and complete user authentication.


  1. Download your AK/SK file from the authentication center.

    1. Log in to the management console, click the account name at the upper right corner, and choose My Credential.
    2. Choose Access Keys > Add Access Key. In the Add Access Key dialog box, enter the email or short message service (SMS) verification code and click OK.
    3. Click OK to confirm that you want to proceed with the download.

      The AK/SK file is named credentials.csv.


      After you click OK, different browsers will respond differently. For some browsers, the browser downloads the AK/SK file to the local default directory automatically. For other browsers, you are prompted to confirm whether to open or save the downloaded AK/SK file.

  2. Upload your AK/SK file to CCE.

    • If you log in to the CCE console for the first time, the Upload Certificate File window is displayed upon successful login. Click Upload.
    • In other situations, choose Dashboard in the navigation pane and then Update Certificate File in the Authentication area.
      Figure 1 Updating a certificate file

  3. Select the path to your AK/SK file in the .csv format. Click Upload and then Close.