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What Are the Common Use Scenarios of CCE Services?

Common CCE services scenarios:

  • Legacy IT architecture is experiencing a progressive transformation.

    With CCE, you can decouple a monolithic architecture into multiple containers, so that a single change does not affect the whole system.

  • Service rollout needs to be accelerated.

    CCE breaks an application down into components, and encapsulates the execution environment of every component into a separate container image.

    By running container images, you no longer need to build execution environment repeatedly at every phase (product development, testing, O&M) or worry that the environment will be inconsistent at different phases.

  • Access to an application changes sharply.

    CCE ensures that the number of application instances increases seamlessly to maintain performance during demand spikes, and decreases automatically to minimize costs during demand lulls. Auto scaling is done within seconds.

  • System IT resource efficiency needs to be improved.

    With CCE, resources are managed at container level instead of machine level. The refined granularity of resource management increases resource efficiency significantly.

  • Your system is too complex to manage.

    CCE provides automatic operation and maintenance (O&M) on containers: it generates logs in real time to help you quickly locate faults and provides 24*7 monitoring.