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How Do I Create an Agency for Server Monitoring of the BMS?

  1. On the management console homepage, choose Service List > Management & Deployment > Identity and Access Management.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Agency and then click Create Agency in the upper right corner.
    • Agency Name: Enter bms_monitor_agency.
    • Agency Type: Select Cloud service.
    • Cloud Service: This parameter is available if you select Cloud service for Agency Type. Click Select, select ECS BMS in the displayed Select Cloud Service dialog box, and click OK.
    • Validity Period: Select Permanent.
    • Description: This parameter is optional. You can enter "Support BMS server monitoring".
    • Permissions: Locate the region where the BMS resides or the sub-project of the region and click Modify in the Operation column. In the displayed dialog box, enter CES in the Available Policies search box. Then select CES (CES Administrator) and click OK.

      If the BMS belongs to a sub-project, ensure that the sub-project has the CES Administrator permission.

  3. Click OK.

    The operations to create an agency for server monitoring of the BMS are complete.