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Configuring the vNIC for the Service VM

To enable service VMs created on the XenServer BMS to communicate with the ECSs in the same VPC or provide services to the Internet, configure vNICs for the service VMs.


For how to create a VM on the XenServer BMS, see the official Citrix website or other channels. The vNIC selected during VM creation must be associated with the xapi NIC created in 8 of section Configuring the User-defined VLAN NIC for the BMS.


  1. Log in to a VM.
  2. Run the following command to enable the vNIC on the VM:

    ip link set eth0 up

  3. Run the following command to set the IP address of the vNIC to an IP address in the user-defined subnet segment in section Creating a User-defined Network (except x.x.x.1):

    ip address add dev eth0

  4. Run the following command to configure a default route for the VM:

    route add default gw


The NIC name (eth0), IP address (, and gateway address ( in the preceding command are examples. Configure them based on the actual planning.

After the preceding operations are complete, service VMs can communicate with ECSs in the same VPC. You can run the ping command to verify the communication.