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What Can I Do If an EVS Disk Attached to a Windows BMS Is in Offline State?


After an EVS disk is attached to a Windows BMS, start Control Panel, choose System and Security > Administrative Tools, and double-click Computer Management. On the Computer Management page, choose Storage > Disk Management. The EVS disk attached to the BMS is in Offline state.


  1. Log in to the Windows BMS.
  2. Click Start, enter cmd in Search programs and files, and press Enter to open the command-line interface (CLI).
  3. Type diskpart.
  4. Type san.
    DISKPART> san
    SAN Policy: Online All
  5. Type san policy=onlineall.
    DISKPART> san policy=onlineall
    DiskPart successfully changed the SAN policy for the current operating system
  6. Type list disk to display all disks of the BMS.
    DISKPART> list disk
    Disk ### Status    Size    Free     Dyn    Gpt
    Disk 0   Online   838 GB    0B
    Disk 1   Offline   838 GB    838 GB
    Disk 2   Offline   838 GB    838 GB
    Disk 3   Offline   838 GB    838 GB
  7. Type select disk num. num indicates the disk number. Replace it with the specific disk number.
    DISKPART> select disk 4
  8. Type attributes disk clear readonly.
    DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly
    DiskPart succeed to clear disk attributes.
  9. Type online disk.
    DISKPART> online disk
    DiskPart succeed to make the selected disk online.
  10. After the modification, format the EVS disk.