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What Is a Bare Metal Server?

A Bare Metal Server (BMS) is a physical server dedicated for individual tenants. It provides remarkable computing performance and stability for running key applications. The BMS service can be used in conjunction with other cloud services, such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), so that you can enjoy consistent and stable performance of server hosting as well as the high scalability of cloud resources.

The BMS self-service feature allows you to apply for a BMS by yourself. To apply for a BMS, you only need to specify the server type, image, required network, and other configurations, then you will obtain your requested BMS within 30 minutes.

System Architecture

The BMS service works with other public cloud products and services to provide computing, data storage, network isolation, and image installation functions.

  • BMSs are deployed in multiple Availability Zones (AZs) connected with each other through an internal network. If an AZ becomes faulty, other AZs in the same region will not be affected.
  • With the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service, you can build a dedicated network, set the subnet and security group, and allow the VPC to communicate with the external network through an EIP (bandwidth support required).
  • With the Image Management Service (IMS), you can install OSs on BMSs, or create BMSs using private images and deploy services quickly.
  • The EVS service provides data storage for BMSs. You can start BMSs from EVS disks to provision BMSs quickly.
Figure 1 BMS architecture