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Creating a Private Image

You can use public, private, or shared images to create BMSs. This section describes how to create a private image.

  • Public image

    When you use a public image to create BMSs, the public image is provided by the public cloud by default.

  • Private image

    Creating a private image using an existing BMS or external image

    • To create multiple BMSs with the same configuration, create a private image using an existing BMS. This improves the efficiency of BMS creation.

      For details, see section Exporting a Private Image.

    • If an image file in ZVHD format is available, you can use the image file to create a private image. An external image can be registered on the public cloud platform and become a private image.

      For details, see section Registering a Private Image.


      For how to create a private BMS image, see the Bare Metal Server Private Image Creation Guide.

  • Shared image

    A shared image is a private image shared by another public cloud user.