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Related Services

Relationships Between BMS and Other Services

  • Image Management Service (IMS)

    You can create BMSs using images to improve the efficiency in deploying BMSs. You can also create private images using BMSs.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    Enables you to configure a logically isolated network for your BMSs and configure security groups, VPN, IP address segments, and bandwidth. With a VPC, you can manage and configure internal networks and change network configurations, simplifying network management. You can also customize access rules to control BMS access within a security group and across different security groups to enhance BMS security.

  • Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

    Enables you to attach EVS disks to a BMS and expand their capacity at any time.

  • Cloud Eye

    After you obtain a BMS and install and configure telescope on the BMS, you can view the monitoring data of the BMS in Cloud Eye and also monitoring graphs.

  • Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

    With CTS, you can record operations associated with BMSs for later query, audit, and backtrack operations.

  • Tag Management Service (TMS)

    You can add tags to BMSs to classify and search them more easily.