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Related Services

  • Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

    Enables you to attach EVS disks to a BMS and expand their capacity.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    Enables you to configure a logically isolated network for your BMSs and configure security groups, VPN, IP address segments, and bandwidth. With a VPC, you can manage and configure internal networks and change network configurations, simplifying network management. You can also customize access rules to control BMS access within a security group and across different security groups to enhance BMS security.

  • Image Management Service (IMS)

    Enables you to use images to apply for BMSs, improving BMS deployment efficiency.

  • Cloud Eye

    After you enable the BMS service and install and configure telescope on your BMSs, you can view the monitoring data of the BMSs in Cloud Eye and also monitoring graphs.

  • Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

    With CTS, you can record operations associated with BMSs for later query, audit, and backtrack operations.