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Login Using an MSTSC Password


  • An EIP has been bound to the BMS.
  • You have obtained the private key for logging in to the BMS and stored the key in a local directory.
  • You have configured the inbound rules of the security group. For details, see Configuring the Security Group.
  • The network connection between the login tool and the target BMS is normal. For example, the default port 3389 is not blocked by the firewall.

Logging In to the Windows BMS from a Windows Computer

The following procedure describes how to log in to a BMS using mstsc.exe.

  1. After a Windows BMS is provisioned and configured, locate the row that contains the BMS on the BMS console, click More, and select Get Password from the drop-down list. Then select the local private key file for provisioning the BMS. Click Obtain Password to obtain the BMS username and password.
  2. On Windows, click Start and enter mstsc.exe. In the displayed remote desktop connection window, enter the BMS EIP, username, and password obtained in step 1 to log in to the BMS remotely.