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Installing and Configuring Agent


This section describes how to install and configure Agent on a BMS.



  • Private images do not support this function.
    Table 1 lists the Linux images that support server monitoring.
    Table 1 Linux images that support server monitoring

    OS Type


    Red Hat

    6.5, 6.7, 6.8, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4


    11.4 and 12.1

    Oracle Linux

    6.5, 7.3, and 7.4


    6.9, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4




  1. Download the telescope installation package from https://obs.otc.t-systems.com/obs-bms-agent/telescope.zip.
  2. Upload the telescope.zip package to a directory on the BMS, such as /home/.
  3. Log in to the BMS OS and run the following commands to decompress the software packages:

    cd /home/

    unzip telescope.zip

    unzip telescope_linux_amd64_1.0.1.zip

    cd telescope_linux_amd64_1.0.1

  4. Perform the following steps to create an agency for server monitoring of the BMS:
    1. On the management console homepage, choose Service List > Management & Deployment > Identity and Access Management.
    2. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Agency and then click Create Agency in the upper right corner.
      • Agency Name: Enter bms_monitor_agency.
      • Agency Type: Select Cloud service.
      • Cloud Service: This parameter is available if you select Cloud service for Agency Type. Click Select, select ECS BMS in the displayed Select Cloud Service dialog box, and click OK.
      • Validity Period: Select Permanent.
      • Description: This parameter is optional. You can enter Support BMS server monitoring.
      • Permissions: Locate the region where the BMS resides and click Modify in the Operation column. In the displayed dialog box, enter CES in the Available Policies search box. Then select CES (CES Administrator) and click OK.

        If the BMS belongs to a sub-project, ensure that the sub-project has the CES Administrator permission.

    3. Click OK.

      The operations to create an agency for server monitoring of the BMS are complete.

  5. Inject the agency.
    • When you allocate a BMS, you can select the agency created in step 4 on the Allocate BMS page.
    • To inject an agency into an existing BMS, click the BMS name to enter its details page, click Monitor, and select the agency created in step 4.
  6. Run the vi ./bin/conf_ces.json command to open the conf_ces.json file and configure the address of the server that receives data. You can ping the IP address or domain name to check connectivity.

    The configuration is as follows:

    "Endpoint": "https://ces.eu-de.otc.t-systems.com:443"
  7. Install the telescope service.
    1. Run the chmod 755 setup.sh command to grant execute permissions of the setup.sh file.
    2. Run the ./setup.sh install command to install or update the telescope service.

      You can run the ./setup.sh --help command to print the help information about the installation script and check how to use other commands in the installation script.


    If an error is reported during the installation, the time of the BMS may be different from that of the monitoring server. Uninstall the telescope service and change the time before installing the service again. An example command used to change the time is timedatectl set-timezone 'Asia/Shanghai'.

  8. Run the ps -ef | grep telescope command to check whether the telescope service is installed successfully.

  9. After performing the preceding steps, go to the management console homepage and click Cloud Eye under Management & Deployment. On the Monitoring Overview page, click Bare Metal Server to view monitoring data of the BMS.

    You can also click View Monitoring Graph to view the monitoring graph for the BMS.

  10. If you do not need server monitoring any longer, run ./setup.sh uninstall in the directory where the installation package is stored in the BMS OS to uninstall the telescope service.