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Network Architecture

BMS provides four types of networks: VPC, high-speed, use-defined VLAN, and IB networks. They are isolated from each other. VPC and high-speed network interfaces are VLAN sub-interfaces created after system maintenance VLAN NICs are bonded. You can manage and configure NICs of use-defined VLANs and IB networks.

Figure 1 BMS service networks
  • In the preceding figure, ToR indicates the cabling mode in the server cabinet. The access switch is placed on top of the rack and the server is placed beneath it. HB indicates the high-speed network. QinQ indicates the 802.1Q tunnel.
  • VPC and high-speed network interfaces are generated by the system and you should not change them. They are configured in the same NIC bond.
  • ECSs and BMSs can communicate through VPC and they can also communicate through IB network if it exists.
  • Only the VPC supports the security group, EIP, and ELB.
  • For the high-speed network and user-defined VLAN, BMSs in the same network communicate with each other only through layer-2 connections.