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Viewing BMS Details


After you obtain a BMS, you can view and manage your BMS on the management console. This section describes how to query detailed information about a BMS, such as the BMS name/ID, disks, NICs, and EIP.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Computing, click Bare Metal Server.

    On the BMS list page, you can view your BMS and its flavor, image, and private IP address.

  3. In the upper right corner of the BMS list, query BMSs by specifying the status, name, BMS ID, flavor, and private IP address.
  4. Click the name of the queried BMS.

    The page showing details of the BMS is displayed.

  5. View the BMS details, such as name, status, flavor, and VPC. You can also click the Disks, NICs, Security Groups, EIPs, and Monitoring tabs to attach EVS disks to or detach EVS disks from the BMS, change the security group, bind an EIP to or unbind an EIP from the BMS, and create agencies.