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What Are the Restrictions on Using BMSs?

  • External hardware devices (such as USB devices, bank U key, external hard disks, and dongle) cannot be directly loaded.
  • You cannot create a raw server with no OS, that is, a BMS must have an OS.
  • The OSs of Windows BMSs using public images are activated by default. The virtual OSs installed on the BMSs must be activated manually.
  • Custom BMS configuration is not supported. BMS specifications cannot be changed.
  • Only EVS disks whose device type is SCSI can be attached to a BMS.
  • BMSs using some flavors or images cannot have EVS disks attached because the servers do not have SDI iNICs or for other reasons.
  • Do not delete or modify built-in plug-ins of the image, such as Cloud-Init and bms-network-config. Otherwise, BMS basic functions will be affected.
  • If you choose to assign an IP address automatically when creating a BMS, do not change the private IP address of the BMS after the BMS is provisioned. Otherwise, the IP address may conflict with that of another BMS.
  • BMSs do not support bridge NICs which will cause network interruptions.
  • Do not upgrade the OS kernel. Otherwise, the hardware driver may be incompatible with the BMS, adversely affecting BMS reliability.