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Creating a BMS Supporting Quick Provisioning


When provisioning a common BMS, you need to download its OS from the cloud and install it. The download costs a long time. BMSs using EVS disks as system disks can be provisioned quickly.

BMSs supporting quick provisioning have the following advantages over other BMSs:

  • BMSs can be provisioned in about five minutes.
  • BMSs support CSBS backups, ensuring data security.
  • BMS rebuilding upon faults is supported, enabling quick service recovery.
  • BMSs can be used to create private images.

On the page for creating a BMS, select a flavor that supports quick BMS provisioning, set the system disk type and capacity, and configure other required parameters to obtain a BMS.


You can create a BMS supporting quick provisioning by following the instructions in Creating a BMS.

When creating the BMS, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Flavor: Select physical.h2.large. For more information about flavors, see Instance Family.
  • Image: Select a public image that supports quick provisioning.
  • Disk: Set the system disk type and size.