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Modified the following content:


Accepted in OTC-3.2.


Modified the following content:


Modified the following content:

Optimized content in sections Deploying the Auto Scaling Discuz Forum Website, Creating an AS Group Quickly, Dynamically Expanding Resources, Creating a Bandwidth Scaling Policy, and Checking Instance Health Status.


Modified the following content:

  • Added the bandwidth scaling feature.
  • Added parameter Security Group to section "Using a New Template to Create an AS Configuration".
  • Added parameter Health Check Grace Period.
  • Added FAQ "Will the Data on an Instance Be Retained After the Instance Is Removed from an AS Group and Deleted?"
  • Added 10s and 1 min as new options for the health check interval in section Creating an AS group.


Modified the following content:

  • Added FAQ "What Can I Do If an AS Policy Fails to Be Enabled?".
  • Added FAQ "How Do I Prevent ECSs in an AS Group from Being Removed Automatically?".


Modified the following content:


Modified the following content:

  • Added FAQ "How Do I Delete an ECS Created During a Scaling Action?".


Modified the following content:

  • Optimized description of the instance health check.


Modified the following content:

  • Added description of forcible AS group deletion.
  • Added description of classic and enhanced ELB.


Modified the following content:
  • Added AS metrics.
  • Added the function of expanding or reducing the number of instances in an AS group according to the percentage preset in the AS policy.


Modified the following content:
  • Added a section for instance protection.
  • Added a section for best practices.


Modified the following content:
  • Optimized the wizard-based AS group creation process. You must create or use an existing AS configuration after creating an AS group.
  • Added Change AS Configuration in the More drop-down list and View AS Policy in the Operation column on the AS Groups page.
  • Added the function of marking AS groups and instances.
  • Optimized sections "Creating an AS Group Quickly" and "Creating an AS Group".
  • Supported multiple projects.


Added the following content:

User permissions


Added the following content:
  • License type selection during AS configuration creation
  • Private image encryption and optional data disk encryption as well as encryption mode configuration during AS configuration creation


Added the following content:
  • EIP for configuring an AS configuration
  • Added parameter AZ for configuring an AS group.


Added the following content:



Added the following content:

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This issue is the first official release.