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AS offers the following advantages for your application system:

  • Automatic resource adjustment

    AS adds instances and increases EIP bandwidth for your application system when the access volume increases and reduces extra resources from the system when the access volume drops, ensuring stable system running.

  • Enhanced cost management

    AS enables you to use instances and EIP bandwidth on demand by automatically adjusting resources in the system, thus eliminating waste of resources and reducing costs for you.

  • Improved availability

    AS ensures that the application system consistently has a proper resource capacity to comply with access volume requirements. Working with Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), AS will automatically associate the instances newly added to an AS group with a load balancing listener. In this way, ELB evenly distributes the access traffic to all instances in the AS group through the listener.

  • High error tolerance

    AS monitors instance status in the application system. After detecting an unhealthy instance, AS replaces it with a new one. In addition, AS evenly distributes instances between AZs to ensure system stability.