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Interoperability Matrix

Table 1 S3cmd interoperability matrix



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Create a bucket.

Creates a bucket on OBS.

Creating a Bucket

Obtain the bucket list.

Obtains all buckets you have on OBS.

Obtaining the Bucket List

View storage information about a bucket.

Views storage information about a specific bucket.

Viewing Storage Information About a Bucket

View basic information about a bucket.

Views basic information about a specific bucket.

Viewing Basic Information About a Bucket

Configure a bucket policy.

Manages (configures, updates, and deletes) bucket policies.

Configuring a Bucket Policy

Configure static website hosting.

Manages (configures and deletes) static website hosting configuration.

Configuring Static Website Hosting

Configure CORS.

Manages (configures, updates, and deletes) CORS rules of buckets.

Configuring CORS

Configure logging.

Manages (that is, enables and disables) the logging function for buckets.

Configuring Logging

Configure a lifecycle rule.

Manages (configures, updates, and deletes) lifecycle rules for buckets.

Configuring a Lifecycle Rule

Delete a bucket.

Deletes a specific bucket from OBS.

Deleting a Bucket

Upload an object.

Uploads an object to a specific bucket.

Uploading an Object

Obtain the object list.

Obtains the list of objects in a specific bucket.

Obtaining the Object List

Synchronize an object.

Synchronizes an object between the local client and OBS.

Synchronizing an Object

Copy an object.

Creates a copy of an existing object on OBS.

Copying an Object

Move an object.

Moves an object between buckets or in a bucket on OBS.

Moving an Object

View basic information about an object.

Views basic information about a specific object.

Viewing Basic Information About an Object

Configure ACL permissions for an object.

Configures ACL permissions of a specific user for a specific object.

Configuring ACL Permissions for an Object

Configure an expiration rule for an object.

Configures an expiration rule for a specific object.

Configuring an Expiration Rule for an Object

Download an object.

Downloads an object from a bucket on OBS to a local client.

Downloading an Object

Delete an object.

Deletes a specific object stored on OBS.

Deleting an Object

View a multipart upload task.

Views a multipart upload task of a specific bucket.

Viewing a Multipart Upload Task

View the part list.

Views the list of multipart upload tasks.

Viewing the Part List

Suspend a multipart upload task.

Suspends a multipart upload task.

Suspending a Multipart Upload Task