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Configuring SAP HANA Storage Parameters

Configure SAP HANA storage parameters based on SAP's requirements.

Only SAP HANA 1.0 needs to be configured because the default configurations of SAP HANA 2.0 meet the specified requirements.

For more information, see as follows:

  • SAP Note 2186744 - FAQ: SAP HANA Parameters
  • SAP Note 2267798 - Configuration of the SAP HANA Database during Installation Using hdbparam
  • SAP_HANA_Administration_Guide
  • SAP Note 2156526 - Parameter constraint validation on section indicies does not work correctly with hdbparam
  • SAP Note 2399079 - Elimination of hdbparam in HANA 2


  1. Log in to an SAP HANA node.
  2. Run the following command to switch to the SAP HANA administrator:

    su - s00adm

  3. Configure SAP HANA storage parameters.

    hdbparam --paramset fileio.async_read_submit=on

    hdbparam --paramset fileio.async_write_submit_active=on

    hdbparam --paramset fileio.async_write_submit_blocks=all

  4. (Optional) Configure storage parameters on other SAP HANA nodes according to the preceding steps.

    If multiple SAP HANA nodes exist, perform the same configuration for these parameters on other SAP HANA nodes.