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Management and Monitoring

Managing the Public Cloud Resources Used by SAP HANA

You can use Cloud Eye on the public cloud platform to monitor and manage public cloud resources, such as Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) resources, used by SAP HANA.

For example, Cloud Eye monitors the CPU usage and disk read/write rate of the ECS where SAP HANA is deployed and generates alarms when the metrics exceed alarm thresholds.

For more information, see Cloud Eye introduction and Cloud Eye User Guide.

Managing SAP HANA

SAP provides customers with various tools and instructions to manage SAP HANA.

  • To manage SAP HANA, SAP supports:
    • Landscape-, system-, and database-level monitoring and management.
    • Security-related monitoring and configuration.
    • High reliability and scalability management

    For details, see SAP HANA Administration Guide released by SAP.

  • To back up and restore data, SAP supports:
    • Complete backup.
    • Incremental backup.
    • Backup using a third-party tool.
    • Backup lifecycle management.

    For details, see SAP HANA Database Backup and Recovery released by SAP.