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Connecting SAP HANA Nodes to the SAP HANA Studio

SAP HANA nodes can be managed only after they are connected to the SAP HANA Studio.

This section uses a Windows ECS where the SAP HANA Studio is deployed as an example.


  1. Start the SAP HANA Studio.

    On the ECS where the SAP HANA Studio is deployed, choose Start > SAP HANA > SAP HANA Studio. Then, the system displays the SAP HANA Studio management page and the  Workspace Launcher dialog box.
    Figure 1 Workspace Launcher

  2. Specify the Workspace directory, select Use this as the default and do not ask me again, and click OK.
  3. The Security Storage dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure 2. Click No.

    Figure 2 Security Storage dialog box

  4. On the Overview page, click Open Administration Console to enter the SAP HANA Administration Console page.
  5. Right-click the blank area under System, as shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3 SAP HANA Administration Console page

  6. Choose Add System. The Specify System page is displayed, as shown in Figure 4. Configure parameters.

    Key parameters are as follows:
    • Host Name: Enter the service or client plane IP address of the SAP HANA ECS.
    • Instance Number: Enter the number of the instance on the SAP HANA node.
    • Mode: Select a mode based on actual requirements. When SAP HANA 2.0 is installed, only Multiple containers can be selected. In addition, the backup path can be set only when the SAP HANA Studio is interconnected with both the system database and tenant database and runs on the system database.
    Figure 4 Specify System page

  7. Click Next to go to the System page, as shown in Figure 5. Choose Authentication by database user and enter the username and password.

    The username and password are those configured during SAP HANA software installation. The username is consistently set to SYSTEM.

    Figure 5 System page

  8. Click Next and then Finish. Then, the SAP HANA Studio automatically connects to the database.

    If the connection fails, check whether the database instance on the SAP HANA node is running.

  9. Under System of the SAP HANA Administration Console page, double-click the node to be checked.
  10. Click the Landscape tab on the right of the page and check the status of each process on the SAP HANA node.

    Green indicates that the process is running properly.

    Figure 6 Landscape page