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Installing the SAP HANA Studio on a Linux ECS

SAP HANA Studio manages SAP HANA. After SAP HANA nodes are deployed, you need to install the SAP HANA Studio and use it to manage the SAP HANA nodes.

This section describes how to install the SAP HANA Studio on a Linux ECS.


  • You have prepared related resources. For details, see section "Preparing Resources".
  • You have created ECSs, formatted disks attached to them, and installed the SAP HANA.
  • The firewall on the target ECS has been disabled.


  1. Log in to the SAP HANA Studio ECS with an elastic IP address bound as user root using the key file.
  2. Upload the obtained installation package to the /hana/shared directory on the ECS where the SAP HANA Studio is to be installed and decompress it.

    Enter the directory where the installation file is stored. For example, if the installation file is stored in /DATA_UNITS/HDB_STUDIO_LINUX_X86_64, run the following command:


  3. Assign operation permissions to the directory where the installation packages are stored.

    For example, if the directory is HDB_STUDIO_LINUX_X86_64, run the following command:

    chmod 777 -R HDB_STUDIO_LINUX_X86_64

  4. Switch to the directory and perform the installation. The SAP HANA Studio installation page is displayed.


  5. Select the installation path and click Next.
  6. On the Select Features page, select the features to be installed and click Next.

    You are advised to select all features.

  7. Confirm all information on the Review & Confirm page and click Install.
  8. An installation page is displayed. Continue the installation. When the installation is complete, the system displays the message "You have successfully installed the SAP HANA Studio."
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Go to Step 5 to select the installation path, edit the hdbstudio.ini file, and add parameters to configure the GTK version.

    vi hdbstudio.ini

    Add the following parameters:



    An example is provided as follows:


  11. (Optional) If the version is not configured in Step 10, run the following commands before starting hdbstudio on the Linux OS:

    export SWT_GTK3=0