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Creating a Subnet


To ensure proper communication between ECSs in an SAP HANA system, you need to create a subnet for the ECSs.


  1. Log in to the RTS console again and upload the template file.
  2. For Main File, select SAP-HANA-Resource-Subnet.template to create a subnet.
  3. Click Check Syntax to ensure that the syntax is correct.

    Figure 1 Checking syntax (to create a subnet)

  4. Click Next and enter the required parameters.

    In the command, network_id is the network ID you queried in step Creating a Network and vpc_id is the VPC ID you queried in Creating a VPC. You need to specify the CIDR (cidr), IP address of the internal DNS server (dns_server_one), and IP address of the external DNS server (dns_server_two) based on actual configurations.

    Figure 2 Configuring subnet parameters

  5. Click Next, and then Submit after confirming that the stack information and parameters are correct.
  6. View information about the created stack and record the ID.

    Figure 3 Creating a subnet successfully