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Creating a Key Pair


ECS login is authenticated using a key pair. Before you create an ECS, you need to create a key pair.


  1. Log in to the RTS console again and upload the template file.
  2. For Main File, select SAP-HANA-Resource-VPC.template to create a key pair.
  3. Click Check Syntax to ensure that the syntax is correct.

    Figure 1 Checking syntax (to create a key pair)

  4. Click Next and enter the required parameters.

    The public key in the used key pair is determined by the tenant.


    To obtain key pairs on the server of the Heat client, run the ssh-keygen -f key pair name command to generate two files. The key pair name is the private key, and the key pair name.pub is the public key.

    Figure 2 Configuring key pair parameters

  5. Click Next, and then Summit after confirming that the stack information and parameters are correct.
  6. View information about the created stack and record the ID.

    Figure 3 Creating a key pair successfully