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Deploying SAP HANA Using RTS

Figure 1 shows the architecture of deploying SAP HANA using Resource Template Service (RTS).

Figure 1 RTS deployment architecture

RTS runs in the cascading OpenStack system, including the Heat-API, Heat-Engine, and Heat-API-cfn processes. For details about the RTS functions, see the RTS User Guide.

  • Heat-API provides RESTful APIs for stack management.
  • Heat-API-cfn is a CloudFormation-compatible API service.
  • Heat-Engine is the core functional module, which orchestrates resources and enables template-based deployment.

RTS depends on other services, such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Virtual Private Network (VPC), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Elastic Cloud Server (ECS). RTS authenticates users depending on IAM, creates networks in VPC, creates instances in ECS, and uses disks in EVS.

SAP HANA nodes can be automatically created using a template, and SAP HANA can be deployed on the ECS.