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Procedure Description

Heat template contains a pre-configuration template and a node template for the diversity of requirements, deployment flexibility, and template reusability. To create a pre-configuration template, create a VPC, security group, key pair, and subnet and bind an EIP. To create an SAP HANA node template, create an SAP HANA node, NAT server ECS, and SAP HANA Studio ECS.

Configure resources or create resources using templates based on actual requirements.

Figure 1 shows the deployment procedure.

  1. Log in to the Heat client.
  2. Perform the pre-configuration in step 0.

    For example, decompress the Heat template installation package. The package is pre-configured by site administrators.

    Modify the environment variable file novarc.

  3. Pre-configure resources (S1 to S4) or create resources (S6 to S8) based on actual requirements. Skip these steps if you are using the planned resources.
  4. Enter the pre-configured resource ID and the information of the SAP HANA database to be installed based on Creating an ECS for the provisioning of HANA ECS and the automatic installation of SAP HANA database.

    SAP HANA installation packages and SAP HANA initialization scripts are pre-configured in OBS.

Figure 1 Deployment flowchart (CLI)

You can deploy services using RTS to provide complex service orchestration. The whole operation process is as follows: enter the RTS console, select Create, and create stacks step by step as prompted.

Figure 2 shows the deployment procedure.


A tenant can create 100 stacks as a maximum, and each stack contains 1000 resources at most.

Figure 2 Deployment flowchart (console)